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Katihuska Baqueros

CEO/ Founder/ President

Born and raised in Bolivia, katihuska is a knowledgeable, driven leader with a strong sense of compassion and business.
Katihuska hopes that through her work she may be able to create opportunities for the less fortunate, working to fulfill her vision of empowering women of all ages to pursue their dreams. 
She has experience in multiple industry fields all dealing with customer service and knows the importance of excellent workmanship in a company. It was with that in mind that she decided to take a leap of faith and began Cielos Abiertos along side her friend and co-worker Edith.

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Edith Guadalupe Herrera 

Co-President/ Founder

Originally from San Pedro Ixatlahuaca, Oxaca, Mexico; Edith arrived to Miami, Fl 14 years ago. She soon began working with orchids among other flowers, it was then that she discovered her love and passion for nature and flowers. It was in 2017, after her former boss passed away that she decided to team up with her fellow co-worker and friend Katihuska to open Cielos Abiertos.

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Jhoseline Roca

Vice-President/ Founder

From a young age, Jhoseline always had a passion for business; she moved to the United States from Bolivia as a child.  Having come from an immigrant family Jhoseline learned that hard work, perseverance, and a positive attitude go together perfectly in order to achieve success.
Professionally, Jhoseline has worked in marketing and as a business coordinator for over 10 years and continues to grow her knowledge daily. 
She is a mother of two who enjoys working, volunteering, traveling and spending time with her family amongst other things.

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Maritsa Herrera

Originally from San Pedro Ixatlahuaca, Oxaca, Mexico; arrived to Miami, Fl at the age of 25 and was welcomed by her sister Edith. In 2018, Maritsa decided to join her older sister Edith as part of the Cielos Abiertos team. It was then that she discovered her love and passion for nature and flowers. Maritsa loves what she does and strongly believes that life itself is better when you are surrounded by good people doing something you love. She believes in the vision Katihuska and Edith have for Cielos Abiertos and hopes to watch it flourish.

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